Review: Marci Lyn Curtis' THE ONE THING

The One Thing by Marci Lyn Curtis I loved this book. It was so refreshing and so different. There were sooo many things that I loved about The One Thing.

I like to go into books without knowing all the deets.. so I usually skip reading the synopsis or just skim through.. so I was so pleasantly happy when I found out the friendship between a 10 year old and a seventeen year old. I freaking loved it..

I loved Maddy. I loved her insight and how she was trying to understand Mason. I loved her open character, her honesty. I don't think I have ever really grasped a character's head/thinking so clearly as I did with Maddy in contemporaries mostly.

I loved how she was defending herself but was admitting that it was ridiculous. I was rooting for Maddy. I loved how we were shown her vulnerabilities.

I loved Ben. He was freaking infectious. Him and Maddy were so freaking fun together. I loved them together.

I loved Ben and Mason's mum. She was so genuine. Just like her son's. I loved their family dynamics. I especially loved that instance where Ben was annoyed with Mason-- she handled it so greatly.

I loved Clarrisa, she was so positive and I loved her for her reading obsession. Loved her elaborate comparisons. I loved how she and Maddy were trying to find where their favourite band's next concert was going to be. LOL. Even though she came into the picture for a semi-short time she still made a mark on me.

I haven't mentioned Mason cos I think Maddy and him were sweet together but their romance wasn't the main point of this book. The main hurdle for Maddy was to get to terms with her blindness and to find her balance and old life back and Ben helped her achieve that along with Clarissa and Mason was also a part of it along with her parents and Ben's mum. I loved that Maddy tired to reach out to old friends. I just LOVED Maddy.

I loved this book for being fun, intriguing, making me happy, and being just different.


The One Thing is in stores. Get it now.You don't wanna miss it.

Thanks to Netgalley and Disney Hyperion for this review copy.

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