Review | Alice Pung's LUCY & LINH

Lucy and LinhThis book was supposed to be set in an academy which it was for the most part but in not the way I imagined it cos well, academy's are different. Also, I thought Linh was going to be in it too. But she was mostly in letter forms and in memory recollection.

I liked Lucy and Linh cos Lucy mostly tried to float by and keep her head down and tried not to comment on stuff and such. I think I would have had the same tactic. Keep your eyes and ears open but mouth shut. Haha. This is how I usually deal things or shady situations in real life. Because, life is full of shitty people and shitty situations and shitty people. And one can only pray that you dont get in the spotlight cos the shittiness is soo real that it can swallow you whole..

Lucy was quite intelligent with the way she handled the shittiness underplay. She tried the quiet bystander technique. She tried getting allies. But then she finally started not caring. And started to say it as it is.

I think this book was quite sad cos in real life this does happen and is happening and there aren't many who will stand for themselves and others cos like I said the shittiness can swallow you whole and just bully you all time if you dont do anything. But one needs support and one needs to believe in themselves.

So stand up for yourself and be confident and try to find yourself. This book featured bullying at its core. And it was that kind which really made you helpless.

A really good book it will have you thinking quite a lot. I loved Luvy now that I think about it. When I was reading I was only shocked by what was happening at this academy.

This book covered so many important issues. Alice Pung crafted a really great book and let us know everything through the letters Lucy was writing to Linh.


Special thanks to Netgalley and Random House for this review copy.


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