Monthly Wrap-Up #5

My first post for the year 2013. This is the month when I first joined Blogger. Two years since I joined Blogger. :D So, I welcome you into 2013 with a wrap-up of the last month of year 2012. Psst, I coudln't post them earlier as I was busy with my exams. I am on my semester break now. My sister is coming over to our place after almost two years. My semester break will be spent with her and my niece and nephew *happy dance*
Other than this happy news I have to inform you guys that sadly I did not read all the books I said I would read for December... :-/
Let's get into the wrap-up then, shall we???
This is the second novella to The Throne of Glass. I love both the novellas I have read so far. I am planning to read ToG this year prolly in February. ^-^ I gave it five stars. I will be posting a full review on these novellas along with the main book. So keep a look out for that.

Next, I read Oddily but ditched it halfway as it was such a drag. Gave it a single star rating.
I was reading A Need So Beautiful at the time I started The Assassin and the Desert, I liked this one but I still believe it could have made me love it. I gave it four stars. I would like to see her all glowy, though.   

Opal by JLA was just a wonderful book to read during the first week of December. I absolutely fell hard for it. I gave it freaking five stars. My review.

Then, I picked up the prequel novella to Soul Screamers- My Soul to Lose. It made me interested enough to read the whole series. I did and fell in love with the series. I read The Summoning, Die For Me and Cryer's Cross (all these books got a rating of three stars) and the spectacular Clockwork Prince (gave it five stars) before picking up My Soul to Take (gave it four stars). And after I did that, I just kept going through the books (My Soul to Save (four stars), My Soul to Keep (five stars), My Soul to Steal (five stars), If I Die (five stars), Reaper (three stars), Before I Wake (five stars)) at a rapid pace. They were just so addicting.  
Then after reading these adoring books I made a poor reading choice and picked up The Kissing Booth which was just okay. I gave it two stars. Then I picked up some books in the new-adult category. I read Never Too Far by Abbi Glines' and enjoyed it. Gave it three stars. Then, before I read another book The Vincent Brothers (gave it three stars) by Abbi *psst love the Australian covers so much* I read Juliet Immortal and I really liked it. A totally cool take on the Shakespearean tale. I gave it four stars. 
I re-read two of my favorites Anne and the French Kiss and Lola and the Boy Next Door. And loved them both but I should say I would like to dock a star off Lola now. Lol 
HM Ward finished her series Secrets with a bang. I read the fifth book and liked it. Gave it three stars.  
I read Lovesessed and found it okay. Two stars. Next, I read The Accidental Movie Star which was funny if I recall correctly but I think I enjoyed Bryanna Gabrieleson's Starkissed more than this. Still, I gave this three stars. Then I read a zombie book for the zombie challenge ehehhe. This Is Not A Test and I really liked it. A really good book which is not your regular zombie book. I gave it four stars. Then, as the December days and the year 2012 neared its end I picked up Sometimes Never and it was fun to read it although it had its disturbing elements but the good portions were passed with a smile on my face. I gave it three stars.  I finished December with the final book Avalon in The Archer's of Avalon Trilogy. And I absolutely enjoyed reading it. A very good end to the trilogy. 

So, these were the books I read in December?
What books did you read???
Happy Reading.
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