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Pride by Rachel VincentPrey by Rachel VincentShift by Rachel VincentAlpha by Rachel Vincent

Series: Shifters by Rachel Vincent
Review for Pride, Prey, Shift and Alpha-- Book 3 to 6 respectively.

I binge-read book 3 to 6 on the first weekend of May with a little break from the world by reading The Fiery Heart after I was done with Pride. Once I was done with TFH, I continued reading the last three books. And once I was done with the books, I kept on thinking about the gang. I seriously fell in love with series after reading the third book. Remember how i said i wasn't feeling the series after Rogue and i needed that certain oomph to really fall for this series. Well, the third installment did that for me and as i became obsessed after i read the fourth book and till the last book i was over the top in love with it. This series was absolute fantastic. Rachel did such a good job with that whole Malone trying to thwart the Pride and do away with Faythe's Dad and also that whole say business. All this Alpha business was played throughout the series excellently with other troubles in their lives in each installment obviously. 

Pride had Faythe facing the trial after her actions in the second installment along with Marc facing the consequences. Along with Kaci's intro it was all intriguing and action-packed. Prey had Marc missing and Kaci's diminishing health after the events in the last book. Along with that, the family suffered the loss of one of the members which led to Jace and Faythe connecting in a soulful way. XP It was really sad when this happened. I was like noooooo when that happened- the death i mean. Anyway, on to Shift, we had thunderbirds attacking the Pride which was intense and seeing Faythe as an enforcer was just awesome. Jace was showing more and more Alpha capabilities which was scaring Marc as he was the enforcer beforehand. Kaci's life got endangered in this installment. Some other revelations dealing with Malone. Then on to the final book, Alpha, Faythe has to decide who is the one for her along with her taking control of her life and whatnot. This book made me cry. I knew that was going to happen but after it did happen i had tears. Ah. That had to happen for us to see Faythe embrace her new strong self that her father was training her to be since book 1. These books were just magnificent. They are action packed, full of excellent character development and story arc's. You wouldn't wanna miss them. 

Faythe's growth was so much more evident after Pride and she kept on growing and learning as the series progressed and it was awesome. Marc and Jace were both soild contenders in Faythe's life and i dunno i liked how things ended for the trio. And i dunno where i stand on with teams. I think i like Jace more. I dunno. I like them both. Okay, fine. There were some things I liked about both the dudes. Faythe's lucky. LOL. As for the side characters, I loved them all-- Kaci, Ethan, Michael, the rest of the Pride. I love Rachel and her characters hell much. I am a huge fan now.

I have read all her books now and each series has me more in love with her. I have loved all her series. That is something right. I can't wait to read more from her. 

I am leaving you with the teaser form the last book.


I gave Pride 4 stars whereas the last three books got 5 stars each.

Thanks for reading.

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