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The blog tour for The Witches of the Glass Castle: Uprising is undergoing and my tour stop involves a review which you will be able to read by scrolling down :p DOn't forget to enter a giveaway at the end.
Witches of the Glass Castle: Uprising Synopsis:

Still reeling after discovering she’s a witch, Mia learns that sixteen years ago she was born with The Arx—a force-field so coveted that dark witches would stop at nothing to steal it. With her brother Dino at her side, she flees to the Glass Castle in hopes of reversing the sinister fate foreseen by their aunt. Despite Dino’s warnings, Mia seeks comfort from Colt, the alluring Hunter charged with protecting her. But just as Dino begins to trust Colt, the siblings are blindsided by an unnerving suspicion: can a Hunter ever be trusted?

The Witches of Glass Castle follows siblings Dino and Mia's adventures in the Glass Castle after an incident in their basement which leads them to have powers. They try to learn to control their powers, try to find more about their powers- find more about their past. Make new friends. Face new dangers.

The Witches of Glass Castle: Uprising has Mia finding the truth about herself regarding the dangerous forcefield that has Dino and her returning to the Glass Castle in order to escape their mother and aunt trying to sent her into solitude far from home. They face more dangers with more new arrivals at the castle. Relationships are tested, betrayals come forth, misunderstandings happens. Shocking stuff. Read on to find out more. 

So, I found these books predictable and sometimes the nonchalant behavior/dialogues or the supposed naivety or the cuteness (I cant really explain it, you will have to read to get it) would get too much. Sometimes it did work and I liked it. There were some funny scenes and/or cute exchanges that cant be ignored. I found everything okay about these books. I am not hugely impressed. I have been sick these few days and I read this duo. Suffice to say they weren't bad company just not- they didn't blow me away. They might blow you away. So, do read them.

Rating: (for both books)

Gabriella Lepore Bio:
Gabriella Lepore lives on the coast of Wales in the United Kingdom. She began writing at an early age and grew up with a passion for all things supernatural—especially witches! She currently has five Young Adult books in print: How I Found You, Evanescent, Phoenix Holt, and The Witches of the Glass Castle books 1 & 2.

Connect: Instagram (@GabriellaLepore_Books) | Amazon | Website | Twitter (@GabriellaBooks) Facebook (Gabriella Lepore Books)

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