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Never Trust a Shadow (Ninja's Guide, Book 2)

Callista Trent is so done being a ninja. In her first month, she almost got caught with a stolen government laptop, nearly started a war, and barely avoided a nice, long stay in federal prison. 

Yet leaving the ninjas isn’t as easy as she thought, not when they may be the only people who know how to keep her family safe. She plans to retrieve that information, and then it’s so long, ninjas. But when it becomes clear that the ninjas are nowhere near done with her family, she has no choice but to accept a new, secret mission—one much more dangerous than her first. 

As she struggles to separate truth from deception—including her own—new friendships are tested and love begins to simmer, bringing with it complications she never thought she’d have to face. Now Callista must decide where her true loyalties lie—with the friends she’s come to trust or with the family that might be hiding secrets of its own.

I have started writing a review for Never Trust A Shadow so many times now. But I always save my work and log off. I think I dunno how to really express my love for this amazing instalment. 

Eeeeeeeppp. Me reallly liked this installment. I am soo glad Clare sent me this book for a review or I would have missed this book's release and found it at a time when I wouldn't have been able to read it. 

Never Trust A Shadow  was two times what it was with Just Call Me Ninja. I really enjoyed that book (Reviewed here). But I absolutely enjoyed NTAS more than JCMN... D: 

A few things that I loved:

1.  More Aaron. Heheh. Ooh, freaking loved those moments. I have my fingers crossed for him.
2. The newest character. Not saying much about him. I seriously liked him and his interaction with Callista.
3. The plot. You know how sometimes the plot (as in the whole story-line) can be a bit uninteresting and the romantic aspect keeps one interested. Well, I love how Clare has made both Callista's love life and daily-life interesting. I am freaking curious where the story/plot will go now in the third book.
4. Callista interacting with the others. I loved seeing more of Izzy, Maggie and Mercer and Aaron of course. LOL. Love them characters.
5. The fun moments. As in the parts that were humorous/light/witty. Me was smiling during alotta scenes. And some were so touching. 
6. The ending. A cruel relationship cliffhanger. Which was super duper as the other end had already been set out for us. So I found it kinda genius to end it like that. D:

Read the books. xP 

I am excited for more Ninja's Guide involving Callista and the others. Ahhhh... Loved this. 


Thank you to Clare for providing me with this review copy.

About Clare:
Clare Haltom lives in sunny southern California. She can usually be found jumping over waves at the beach, eating Pringles salt-side down, and trying to avoid ninja assassins.

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