(Mini) Book Haul (7)

Have acquired a few books these past few weeks... These are review copies. Not pictured The Witches of the Glass Castle's sequel Uprising. I can't find it on goodreads.
Fish Out of WaterThe Witches of the Glass CastleThe Iron-Jawed Boy (Guardians of Illyria, #1)The Accidental AssassinMad Love

I have read and reviewed TAA already... Liked it. (:

I  have started reading Fish Out Of Water and so far so good. I am planning to read it in January if not this month. But I think I will most rolly read it this month. Who knows.

I got sent The Iron Jawed Boy by the author and I will be reading it soon, hopefully.

Gabriella Lepore's TWotGC's sequel is coming out in 2 weeks time. My tour stop is Dec 18. Don't forget to stop by.

Mad Love's review tour stop is Monday, Dec 8. I have read the book already. Will be putting out my review on Monday. I will be having a hard time reviewing ML. ):

Hoping to get Inspire... There are chances I won't. But-- *finger's crossed*

Also, will be hopefully getting the sequel to Just Call Me Ninja on Tuesday. It comes out then... It's titled Never Trust A Shadow. Wishing I acquire it before that. D: Read my review for the first part , here. I will be hosting a giveaway either on release day or sometime in the future for that book as Clare has kindly offered 5 copies to the readers of this blog. (: Keep a lookout for that.

Never Trust a Shadow-FRONT
Got The Walled City for own pleasure... Teheh... Dunno when I will be reading it.

Currently Reading: The Goblet of Fire
Current Playlist Song: Gwen Stefani's Together (her song with Calvin Harris)

Off now...
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