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I have Vlvet from Ponderingink on the blog today. I guest-posted on her blog back in July where I talked about some of my mid-year favorites. D:

Hey, everyone!!! This is Vlvet. Happy to be here today.

The Young Elites (The Young Elites, #1)I am going to talk about The Young Elites. And jump right into it. I was a huge huge fan of The Legend series. I read it because my sister recommended it to me and I don't regret my decision. I was in love with the plot, characters, the pace and everything else. It was epic and such a heart-breaker. I miss the characters now. :p

So, you can understand when I say, "my expectations were extremely high for The Young Elites", and graciously I wasn't disappointed. It was my cup of tea. I am very much into elemental magic and if you sprinkle a little bit of creepiness, it makes my day.

The plot has a lot to offer, the characters were portrayed brilliantly. My jaw was open half the time and that ending was like wha---tttt??!!!!  It was action packed,the plot was so rich, my curiosity meter was near a meltdown. The change of POV's was interesting, every character brings something new to the plot. I wasn't bored for a moment.Visualizing the world she has created is mind blowing, I can't even imagine what would happen next.

Deception was the core ingredient, and sadism is what I eat and breathe:p. Excruciatingly exciting and written marvellously. In short, read it. you will understand why I am so crazy about it.

Teaser: "It is pointless to believe what you see, if you only see what you believe."
Me: It's philosophical :p

My Rating:

I have talked about The Young Elites on my blog as well. ;)

Lastly, I would like to thank Honey for having me on her blog.

You are welcome, Vlvet. Will gladly have you back on the blog again. +p

Thanks for stopping by everyone. 
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