The Forgotten Mountain (The Collectors' Society, #3) I am so much more in love with series after reading this third instalment. The last book's first half was kinda boring but this time around things picked up during the first half of the book. It was glorious.

I am in awe of how Heather Lyons is crafting these books. They are like one bang after another. The way she is intricately connecting the various fairy-tales out there and then merging them mesmerizingly with her plot-line is bloody brilliant. I was already in awe of her writing and after this instalment I am fully blown and cant wait to find out how she ends this all in the next and final volume.

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A lot of new characters and timelines were introduced. A lot was finally revealed but uh-uh----that brings me to that freaking ending. Or those last few chapters. Like MIND BLOWN---That was one JAW DROPPING TWIST. Like what the hell?!? Seriously!!! Well, I loved it. *winks* I was excited and anxious throughout the book already and after that ending well, I am ready to rip my hair out for it's brilliance. Or let's just say, I am going to do nothing. I am numb. God.

Fast paced, shocking, subtlety deceptive, full of love and loyalty, confessions and betrayals, this book was one fine instalment to an already fine and amazing series.

I cannot urge you guys enough to get on this series. Like you are seriously missing out.

And another bonus those freaking covers. Love them.

“Madness—that old, dear friend of mine—has come home for a visit. And I welcome its return with open arms.”

Special thanks to InkSlinger PR and Heather for this review copy.

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