Books That Made Me Cry

So, I thought I cried during loads of books but as I was tallying it out there have only been 4 books. Shocker, really. :D

Message in a Bottle
The first book that made me cry was Message in a Bottle. The letter at the end really did a number on me and before the letter was given to Theresa and we had that last glimpse of Garrett I was already on edge. But that letter just was when I let go. LOL. AH, I really loved this book. I cried because it was so unfair, goodness.

The Fault in Our Stars
The next book that made me cry was TFiOS (no surprise there), I cried because of that letter at the end and then all that profound meaning of the whole book was like it came at me all at once and I cried long and hard. And I couldn't even explain to my sister why this book made me cry cos I was crying so bad. Gah.

The two recent books that made me cry and still make me choke when I think about them are Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I have reviewed them already but I don't think I can actually tell you how sad and heartbroken they made me feel.You can only experience the book for yourself and know for yourself how beautifully written these were. Both deal with an almost similar subject but different scenarios. EINTY is adult so there is that whereas ATBP is young adult.

I think I cry more thinking they are somewhat based on the author's life in both cases. They have both suffered somewhat similar situations but the heartache and helplessness I felt while reading these is not even close to what they must have or someone in a similar situation felt. So that is what makes me ache more. God.

My reviews if you want to check 'em out... Everything I Never Told You and All The Bright Places.

So tell me what books made you cry real bad and want to smash something and realize something about your life??

Talk soon.
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