Everything I Never Told You by Celeste NgReading adult fiction can be a bit of a difficult reading process as the writing can be a bit confusing. It's usually different than those YA novels out there. And with adult fiction, you either reaallly like it or just like it okay. In this case, I reaallly reaalllly reaallly liked it. :)

I am trying to get into reading more adult fiction. And thank goodness, I chose a good one to continue on with that journey.

In the beginning, I had a bit difficulty with the writing but then gradually I fell in love with it as I finally started to get what was going on.

The book began in the present with the family finding out that Lydia had disappeared. And then, every member's perspective was shown. With past bits infused. It was so well done. It was worth all till that last sentence of the book.

I went into this novel not knowing anything other than the fact that this was a debut and I suggest you go in unknowing as well. You will appreciate it more and it will be more special.

All the familial details, the expectations, it was heart-rending. full of eye-opening revelations story wise and in general.

I was so lost in this book, soo enthralled by it, so wanted to find out how it all ended and began that I didn't want to sleep.  But I  took my sweet time with the book and fell in love with it more.

I fell in love with this book and its characters and I am a huge fan of the author now. And  will definitely definitely definitely recommend this book. And read more from her. Gosh.



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