Review: Leah Cypess' DEATH SWORN DUOLOGY

Death Sworn by Leah CypessDeath Marked by Leah CypessWhen I first started Death Sworn I was reminded of Caelena's earlier days before she got made into the Champion. And now that I have finished reading the duology, I can only peg it as The Assassin's Blade vs The Darkling from Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone trilogy. :P

Anyway, I quite enjoyed these books. Loved the settings. Loved the intrigue and that fast pace-ness along with the action and the betrayal and the secrets and the friendship and the magical elements. And the characters. Gah. I dived into the second as soon as I was done with the first. Was really curious.

I loved that this was a duology and even though this was complete conclusion--but still it was an open ending and if Leah did write a spin-off, I will definitely check that out. Because there is a lot that can still be done... Oh, the possibilities.

I loved Ileni and even though I had seen that romantic interest from a mile a way-- I still liked it. Teheh. And seriously, loved how the first book had that ending and then gah--loved it. The whole series.

Love the covers. Another plus. ;)

Death Sworn: "And then he hesitated. He turned his head and looked across the chasm at Ileni. Their eyes met, and his weren't deadly and focused at all. They were . . . afraid.
This thing between us wouldn't survive my watching you murder someone." 
Death Marked: "Evin cocked an eyebrow. "Actually, I like you quite a lot. You're confused by the fact that you don't like me.""

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