Monthly TBR #27

Finally decided about the books I want to read for the month... Still in a reading slump so kind of wary about all the reading... Read on...

Did start All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven to get over it. It was working but then I had to get up for chores. and when I got back I got on the internet.. :p

Other than All The Bright Places, I want to read Gentle Chains by Nazarea Andrews as I only have a day to finish readin it for the blog tour this Sunday!!! Eeeeeek.

Also, have another ARC Never Gonna Tell in the bag. Will be reading that. It comes out March 17. 

Also planning to read Cress (The Lunar Chronicles... so I can do a read-along with a friend for Fairest (The Lunar Chronicl...,,, Wooooh...

Burning Kingdoms (Internmen... as it comes out March 10th. Excited for it. Hoping I can.

And if I can I will finish reading The Iron-Jawed Boy by Nikolas Lee, it's been month since I got this book. Also, The Casual Vacancy as I watched the first ep of the show... I have this book on-hold since 2 years I believe. :/

A Feast for Crows (A Song o... if and only if I can really get into that GOT zone. If you know what I mean. I take about a week to read these. Hoping I can read this then. And the other books in a day or two. So, I can read other reads left form previous months.

What are you planning to read????
Good Luck.
Happy Reading.
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