Review: David Levithan's ANOTHER DAY

Another Day by David LevithanThe only reason I gave this four stars is because of how sad it was seeing Rhiannon and Justin together. Those bits were tough and I wanted to shake Rhiannon and ask her why would she stick with a guy like him and accommodate him? I know there must have been something but I failed to understand her. It was really sad and frustrating during those scenes.

What I liked about Every Day was A and this whole ordeal- the mystery as to how this all came out to be.. And I liked this book for A as well. He wasn't too much in this book but man, I really like him.

I read this book way back and don't really remember how it all was so I can't really say how different in feeling were those scenes (this time from Rhiannon's POV) I liked them nonetheless.. I mean as in the reactions through someone else's eyes. But I think I really liked Rhiannon because of A. But here, being in her head was a-okay but I still liked A's version. Or I dunno. Can't really explain. I didn't really see Rhiannon ever telling this story. So there's that.

I loved the ending. The ending to Every Day left me speechless and just in awe. The ending here gave me the feeling of resoluteness and just.. smh..

I don't want a sequel really cos I have this whole image and i don't want to ruin that. I am satisfied with things as it is. Like I said, here. I am curious, I won't lie but really sometimes there just isn't any need to know what comes next.

And I think Every Day was still the best out of these companion books because A is fab. Every Day made me feel things I didn't think I could. And I can't really describe them. It was good to see A again cos I don't think I could ever have re-read Every Day (there are some books that are so timeless you just want them to live in your brain and have that one time experience with them) so seeing A again was great. :)

“I'm just wondering why people stay together," I say. "Why they connect in the first place, and what keeps that connection is strong. I want it to be all things inside---who you are, 
what you believe. But what if the things on the outside are just as important? When I was little, I was always worried I'd fall in love with someone ugly. Like Shrek. Then I figured that love would make anyone beautiful to me, if I love them enough. I want to believe that. I want to believe that you can love someone so strongly that none of it will matter. But what if it does?” 

Thanks to NetGalley and Random House Kids for this ARC.

Another Day comes out August 25th.

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