Review: Richelle Mead's The Ruby Circle

The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead Adrian was my guy from The Vampire Academy series and I hadn't not hated Sydney so I was really excited when this spin-off became a reality. I really enjoyed the first three but the enjoyment factor fell downward after that. I started getting bored and the characters started annoying me. And then I read this series just to finish it and see them to the end after all my time.

The fourth book was boring, things picked up for me in the fifth book and I thought maybe I was what was wrong with book three. But no, things went awry by themselves.. :-/

Adrian for one matter really got boring for me, after Syd and he got together, it was like Adrian was not that Adrian we loved. I even got tired of them together and when they got married.. Don't even get me started on that. Didn't really fall for that.

Anyway, this series definitely lost it's charm for me and I don't think I remember anything good from it. I only have this in my head right now. Meh. You guys can pass on it if you want. I don't think I like The Vampire Academy series any more either. But I did enjoy that right from the start to finish so I think I like that series more. But only if you have to ask me. Otherwise don't really care.


This final instalment was kinda slow.. I didn't really like how quiet it was and things semi-picked up but well, it was boring for the most part and I didn't really care to be honest.

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