Review: Jodi Picoult's BETWEEN THE LINES

Between the Lines by Jodi PicoultFinally read Between the Lines and it has been a fine journey. I love the idea behind this book but I didn't like how it was executed. I loved how the characters in the book, in this book :P had opposite personalities than that of their characters in the book.
I didn't like the story that was the book Delilah was reading. I skipped those chapters. I didn't like the changed font colors for each perspective. This book was dual POV. I liked Delilah. And it was great to see Oliver wanting to change his ways and wanting to be something different other than the role he had been assigned.

The plot-line is freaking cool and you can read the book as it has an okay pacing and is funny and interesting at times. A fine book. But just cos the idea is freaking cool-- a character falling in love with the reader... jjang!!

  “Leave it to a man to mess things up” 

It was cute nonetheless with some intelligent life thoughts.

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