REVIEW | Rachel Hollis' SMART GIRL

Smart Girl (The Girls, #3) I have been a fan of Rachel Hollis since i read her first book Party Girl.. This is the third and final book in that series by her...

This book followed Landon's office mate Miko.. I loved Miko but I didn't actually like how in lengths she went to- she was crazy with all the fairytale obsessions and then going to all those lengths to apply them to her real life.. Bizarre and just so out of order.. As it's like losing oneself..

I think if I have to rank this trio it would be in the order they are published.. 

As for the girls:  

I can re-read these anytime.. As they were super fun.. and so easy to read.. 

Looking forward to reading more chic lit from this lady..

Rating: .5


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