The Guineveres by Sarah DometThe Guineveres is about four girls who share the same name and live at the Convent. They have been sent to the Convent by their parents or parent figure and their only wish is to get out of the Convent and live a normal life..

The book is told by one of the Guinevere girls in a manner where the future is also revealed. It reveals through her narrative how one by one each of the Guinevere gets out of the Convent.

They have a strong relationship but once one of their number goes they are off-balance.. It shows how one of the Guineveres comes to term with living the Convent life and knowing the meaning of sacrifice..

At first, I was a-okay about the book. I was reading it but not really forming that close of a bond with it but as the story progressed I loved it for it's resonating prowess and junction.. It was morose and it was a good book. I won't say I loved the book but if I have to tell people I will use the words 'a good book' for it quite easily..


Special thanks to Netgalley and Flatiron Books for this review copy.

Happy Reading.
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