Review | Cassandra Clare's LORD OF SHADOWS

Lord of Shadows made things so much better for me. It upended the game for me in this TDA world as I hadn't liked the first book that much. I got invested in the characters more dur to this awesome installment. 

Psst. There are still a few things I am annoyed about still. BUT---

That ending. Those last few chapters. Raised the bars for this trilogy for me. Yaass I am willing to ignore those annoyances. Ha! 

What made things interesting this around:

  1. I surely loved those Christina, Mark and Kiernan's chapters. 
  2. Those cameos and details from their journey(s). 
  3. Those last chapters. 
  4. Kit. 
  5. Kit and Ty. 
  6. Those danger and gasp worthy moments that I felt along with the characters. 
  7. The second half of the installment. 
  8. The agony. 
  9. Those Jemma moments. 
  10. Annabel
  11. How this was a 4 star during the second half but then became a 5 star due to those last few chapters.
Rating: 5 stars

Lord of Shadows was splendid. It made me ecstatic because this is what I expected Lady Midnight to be like. This has been an exhilarating journey of a book. Can. Not. Wait for the Queen of Air and Darkness. 


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