Review | Krysten Ritter's BONFIRE

Bonfire was a surprise. It struggles but comes out a winner at the end. Krysten Ritter does her job of keeping you rooting for Abby and finding the truth with her writing. 

Bonfire rang close to my heart due to the the fact of our female protagonist being an Environmental Lawyer. We have Abby on a quest to come to peace with her past by trying to find out if the waters in her hometown our contaminated. 

Bonfire was a bit difficult to get into in the beginning but halfway through and in that last quarter my interest was heightened. 

Bonfire is that type of thriller/fiction with which I always seem to struggle in explaining how I felt about it. There are books that you just can't seem to review even though you Iike them. That you cant seem to put into words. 

And I always tend to leave a haphazard review for those books. Gah. 

I liked Bonfire. I liked Krysten's writing style. I didn't really like her characters but I still felt for them.

Rating: 📖📖📖📖

Celebrities writing books always has me wary. And I always expect them to write nonfiction. And there is also this nagging worry of these books being ghost written. Youtube has seriously done a number on me. But Bonfire did increase my faith for other celebs writing fiction. 

Special thanks to FirsttoRead/Netgalley and the Publishers for this review copy.


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