Review | Kristine Carlson Asselin's ANY WAY YOU SLICE IT

 What really grabbed my attention when I first requested this book was the title and the cover! 

Any Way You Slice It was a semi-fun book for me. The aspects that appealed to me more than the somewhat mild romantic aspect was the focus on sports/hockey/career/hobby aspect. The family dynamics shown also made the book interesting. 

AWYSI has the elements of a classic contemporary: protagonist with a problem, goes about it the wrong way, then realizes and comes clean; romantic interest; solution with a happy ending. 

I liked AWYSI but I didn't outright love it. My interest for ice hockey/ice skating has increased in general after reading this book. 

In short AWYSI was a good read and I liked it although I did skim read quite a few times but that is how I find these type of contemporary's. 

Rating: 3 stars

Special thanks to NetGalley and the Publishers for this review copy. 


P.S. Had to write this review again. Got deleted the first time. Hadn't had any other drafts stored. Grr. 

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