In a 'Pandemonium' Right Now!

Just finished reading the sequel to Delirium by Lauren Oliver. I loved it and want the next book now just to find out what will happen. Will the next book have a love triangle? Why was there so much hatred in his eyes? Hence, this tumult or I should say 'Pandemonium' state of mine. ^_^

Lena and Alex took off for the wilds in the first book but, sadly, only Lena made it over the fences lining the city of Portland. Lena was supposed to have her cure as she had caught the disease- the deleria- love (as they call it in the book)- to put it bluntly but before it can take palce she ran off into the Wilds.

In Pandemonium, the chapters are divided in the 'Now' and 'Then' moments. The Now focus on her present whereas the Then tells us what happened to her after she took off running into the wilds without any sense of where to go.

New characters are introduced in this book. Lena has now joined 'The Resistance' and she is an active part of the movement and is also enrolled in a Brooklyn high school. She's far away from Portland now, with a false identity.

Lena is given a mission- that is to observe the activities of DFA - Deleria Free America. She is on this mission when Scavengers raid the rally DFA set up. Lena has to keep her eye on Julian- Thomas Fineman's son who is the Head of DFA. In doing so, Lena also gets kidnapped along with Julian.

Lena and Julian suffer alot together, and they escape. Lena finds the truth behind her mission, comes in contact with her mother- yes, her mother. (I knew that was her mother, the instant I saw the numbers :p)

Lena finds new love in this book and that Raven, Tack and the others have her back. They are free now but Lena isn't as someone is back from the dead! 

I liked how Julian opened up to the notion of Love. I hated Thomas. I loved the new characters- Raven, Tack; the others.

I don't know what to expect from the third book as this installment was different then what I was expecting. I'll be ready now for my surprise in the third book. (:

Requiem- Delirium 3 is going to hit bookshelves and the likes in (arghhhh) March 5th, 2013. That's next year!! ):

More Soon.
Happy Reading.

P.S. Love the covers. The eyes, especially and the flowers. T_T

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