The White Glove War

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Every society has its secrets.

The members of Savannah's Magnolia League have it all: money, beauty, power, and love. Some may call them lucky, but we know better. Spells, potions, and conjures are a girl's best friends, and thanks to the Buzzards -- a legendary hoodoo family -- the Magnolias never run out of friends.

Golden girl Hayes Anderson would never dream of leaving the League or Savannah, where there's no problem that can't be fixed with a cup of Swamp Brew tea -- served in a bone china cup, of course -- and no boy who can't be won over with a Conjure Up a New Love spell.

But when danger lurks and family secrets are unearthed, Hayes discovers that her life may not be charmed after all.

Don't miss the second novel in Katie Crouch's enchanting and mysterious Magnolia League series.


I have to admit when I first started reading Magnolia League I wasn't that into it. In the middle I got into it and I liked it, hence me reading the sequel to it and finishing it in the same month it released :p

So, this book features Hayes and Alex's POVs for most of the part with in-between conversations between other characters one or two times.

The first book focused on Alex coping up with her mother's death and finding out the ways of Magnolia what with her grandma being the head of it all and her resisting it all. The book had ended with Alex finding out that her mother is actually alive and so she thwarts her plan with meeting Theoddus at the end of the first book to find a way to help her mother come back from the in-between.

In this book we find Hayes under full pressure from her grandma who is in at the necks with Alex's grandma Miss. Lee. Alex is also keeping up an act to settle into her Magnolia duties which annoys Hayes's grandma. The girls stick together for the most part but Alex becomes possessed by the Gray Man which results in her losing her two best friends Hayes and Madison.

Alex had struck a deal with Sina at the end of the first book and she gets betrayed in this book. Her mother chooses to stay in the realm of dead with Alex almost dying. Alex strikes a new deal with the Gary Man but we see it not going to a good end. The book ends with the the Buzzards breaking the deal with the Magnolias. It is revealed who set the Gray Man on Alex and her mother which shatters Hayes's world and when Alex almost dies she blames it on herself and she sets on a journey out of Savannah.

If you like hoodoo and magic and all the creepiness that goes with it, this book is for you. I didn't not hate this book, in fact I liked this one.

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