It Can't Get Any More 'Awkward'. Can It?

I am done with Awkward since last night and I must say I enjoyed it. The story follows Mackenzie Wellesley's instant fame that resulted after a video of her giving CPR uploads on the social network YouTube and it gets viral. Wellesley is a nobody in her school and she is in denial of all the fame she is getting. There were portions in the book where I was literally laughing out loud. It was nice to see her getting support form her two best friends Jane and Corey. She let's the fame get to her head for a little while and later regrets as she can now never be a 'nobody'. She lives with her single mother and younger brother, Dylan. She tutors the hottest guy in school, Logan Beckett. She has a crush on another 'Notable'- Patrick. She doesn't like Chelsea who is Logan's Ex. 

Mackenzie is a strong, independent young girl and doesn't like to take help from anyone and when she stands up to Alex (the guy she was giving CPR to) and later finds out from Logan that him and Spencer (Logan's friend) gave a talking to Alex she explodes which results in her finding out she has feelings for Logan and that she does feel like if she gets close to someone they are gonna ditch her just like her Dad did.

She even gets interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres. Yeah, I know, that was awesome. I would like a sequel to this but I am satisfied with the ending anyway. She also gets to hang-out with the band ReadySet. She gets to record a song, too. At the end of the day, she knows she just has to be herself that is the key to all our lives. She gets to make new friends. She gets invited to her first party ever. She realizes that although she lost her invisibility but out of all that she got a boyfriend, new friends, control on her life and many other llittle things that one doesn't usually notice. She goes with the flow without worrying about what people would think.

It was a fun read. I loved Mackenzie's intellect, her way of thinking, her awkwardness, her interesting babbling. I would like a friend like her anytime.

The moments I really liked. I have some excerpts given below.
I will start with the one where I liked her response to Patrick's confession and his grand announcement that he does know her.

Instead he looked soulfully into my eyes. "I know you, Mackenzie."Too bad, he had to say that.
"That's a logical fallacy. It's called 'begging the question.' You didn't actually challenge my premise that you don't know me. Instead, you just asserted that you do." I tried to smile, but I felt sick. "That's how I think-all the time. Still love me?"
The other is right from the start, the scene which gets uploaded on YouTube.

I threw a leg over, straddling him, and started doing timed chest compressions. I couldn't remember if that was exclusively for heart-attacks, but I kept hammering away. I alternated between shouting for the nurse and yelling, "Does ANYONE know if I'm doing this right? AMI KILLING HIM RIGHT NOW? Can SOMEONE make sure I\M NOT KILLING HIM RIGHT NOW?!"
 LOL. So awesome. Love Mack :p (she hates being called Mack, except by a certain someone.)

There is going to be Jane's story release next year, titled Invisible. I will be catching up to that, too. This year, she is going to publish another book titled Fauxmance in October. Looking forward to that too.

Have you read Awkward? Did you like it as well? Will you be reading her other books?

More Soon.
Happy Reading.

Update: Fauxmance was released as Decked With Holly

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