Jennifer L. Armentrout's Don't Look Back

Don't Look BackIt's been such a long time since I have out-rightly loved a book by Jennifer. Thank God I read this book as I freaking loved it. This was sooo different from all her other books. In terms of the story and genre. The characters were as usual awesome and the pacing, story-telling were more than excellent.

When I began reading the book, I was hooked and wanted to keep on reading it but life got in the way. It was only for a moment and then I was back to read this fantabulous book.

I felt the beginning really captured my attention and I instantly fell in love with Sam and her brother and Carson. I loved Carson. Sam has amnesia and she was found wandering about when a cop found her. The thing is her friend, Cassie is also missing and Sam might have been the sole person who saw her for the last time as it is believed she might be dead. Sam tries hard to piece together everything. She is handling being a whole new different person as she had been somewhat of a b*tch in her past life.

To make matters worse she has been getting weird notes and she feels someone is following her (in one instance). She deals with it all and stands up for herself and against her bad behavior in the past.

I found this book predictable though- the major revelations- I had already seen them coming. :/

Anyway, I loved this book. And it was a stand-alone of which I am glad. It had its tense moments along with some really sweet ones.

Happy Reading.
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