Kristi Cook's Magnolia

I was looking for a fun light read in the genre I like to read a lot- Contemporary and I am soo... Ooh, I had soo much fun reading this book. It was cute, refreshing, funny-- that beginning haha.

MagnoliaSo, this is the opposite of Romeo and Juliet.. In R&J, they were in love but their families were against the relationship, over here, the families want the two to get together. And they do get together not in that sense but in the surviving-a-storm sense. But as you all know how surviving a natural disaster can help make you appreciate everything and in this case made them realize their feelings.

I freaking loved Jemma and Ryder and their freaking banter and whatnot. I read this back in August and although a similar plot what with the leads not liking each other and then falling for each other it was cleverly written by Kristi Cook.

I loved how the book spanned ACTs portraying whatever was happening in real life as Scenes. And I loved Jemma's voice. I can re-read this book easily and can (easily) pass it on for people to read.

I am a sucker for rom-com's like these. xP And I freaking enjoyed this one as it was different in that similar way. You will get what I am saying when you read the book for yourself. I hope. Teheh.

This book made me happy.


More of these when you read it. These made me laugh. Gah.


Toodles. (:
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