Review: Lindsay J. Pryor's Blood Deep (Book 4 Blackthorn Series)

Publication date: 24 October 2014
Author:  Lindsay J. Pryor
Publisher:  Bookouture 
Genre:  Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
ISBN:   978-1-909490-70-3
eISBN:   978-1-909490-69-7
Pages:  tbc
Word Count:  134,000
Review copies: ePub | Mobi | PDF
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Series order:  1. Blood Shadows, 2. Blood Roses, 3. Blood Torn   4. Blood Deep


“Bad can feel good, Jessie. Bad can feel as good as it can get.”

The tattoos covering Eden Reece’s arm tell the tale of a con with an appetite for danger.  Even so, arriving at The Circus – the criminal heart of Blackthorn – and demanding an audience with the notorious Pummel, is the sign of a death wish.

Jessie knows that Eden is trouble.  Serious trouble.  Held captive by Pummel, despite her powers, she also knows how dangerous a game Eden is playing. Even so, she can’t ignore a connection far deeper than the physical spark between them – because Jessie has seen Eden before...

Jessie is the only one who can help Eden save those he loves. But as he uncovers her secrets one by one, he can’t ignore the emotions she stirs in him – feelings neither of them dare face. He risks death. If she trusts him, she risks a fate far worse.

As Pummel’s twisted plans become clear, there’s no doubt all hell risks breaking out in Blackthorn.
With time running out, together Jessie and Eden might be the only ones that can stop it.

In a thrillingly sensual novel, the stakes in the dark world of Blackthorn just got higher.

Praise for Lindsay J. Pryor's work:
‘I am officially addicted to this series. Why, you ask? Because Lindsay Pryor is my kind of fearless author. She isn’t afraid to “go there”, to create characters and situations that challenge me as a reader.’ The Demon Librarian 
‘Not only are Pryor’s characters and fathomlessly dark love stories fabulous, but her continual world building of Blackthorn blows me away.’  
‘A shining, brilliant new talent in the Paranormal genre!’ CC MacKenzie 
‘She writes paranormal romance mixed with urban fantasy the way I like it – clever world-building, intense characters and no easy options for them to take.’ Nocturnal Book Reviews
If you follow me on the blog or on twitter you must be aware of how enthralled I was by this series that I read back in June. My review if you haven't already read it. xP

So, it was a really good surprise when the publisher approached me to read and review the fourth book, Blood Deep, which released today. I started reading it the minute I got it but then had to get up to tend to other blog needs and life. But then I sat down to read it and kept on reading through the night when I had to sadly stop reading it. Because sleep. I finally finished it and died. I don't know what to expect from the fifth book. The anxious waiting has already begun.

Blood Deep was... How can I say it? It was brilliant like its predecessors that is for sure. The one thing I kept saying while reading it to my sister was This is sooo goood.

This installment featured Jessie and Eden. Eden was our first narrator to this other side of Blackthorn world. I don't know how Lindsay keeps doing this. Keeps writing these wonderful characters. Because I thought Caleb and Jask were it for me in the series representing respective species. But Eden was amazing. And I dunno now. Lol. His self-confidence was definitely something to admire. Gah. And Jessie-- I just love Lindsay's fierce, kick-ass heroines. She was amazing as well. What else can I say? I can only urge you to read this series if you still haven't to not miss these amazing characters.

Our female protagonist's entrance into the picture was quite badass. Tehe. I was on the edge of my seat when everything kept unraveling, and revelation after revelation, especially in the last few chapters which was just nerve-wracking. I can only think about what can happen or will happen in the next book because seriously, you can't imagine how things just got more crazier in this installment. Read. It.

I wasn't expecting Jessie to be what she turned out to be. I don't usually like book's with those species but in this novel it was freaking genius. And the intro of the fourth species. That was creepy and wow. Loved them. You know in that cool-dangerous-creatures-idea way. Lol.

Okay, what else? I don't want to spill the story so I am just rambling. Sorry. Oh, the prophecy- we got to know more about it and things are certainly going to be dangerous and it was soo good to see Tuly. And Jask, too. Loved that part. (Loved every part of this book, though (;) I am worried for her, though after that ending. Gah.

Also in Lindsay's letter at the end, she said Eden and Jessie are the final integral couple to this amazing world and I am soooo worried and excited and curious to know how things will be when we return to it next year, most probably.

Oh, I really disliked Pummel and the rest of his gang.

And yes, before I forget, there is a character who shares my name in this installment and she is close to Eden and Jessie, too. Teheh.



So, if you want to miss out on awesome characters, amazing story-lines, fantastic world-building, clever writing then don't read this series. xP

Special thanks to the publisher and Lindsay for this review copy.

About Lindsay:

Lindsay J. PryorLindsay J. Pryor has been creating stories since she was nine years old, when she quickly decided that fantasy was more interesting than reality.  She thought she’d grow out of it but hasn’t yet.

Despite years of bashing out stories on an old typewriter, it was the death of her father in 2007 that finally convinced Lindsay to try and become a published author.

“One of the last things my dad said to me was to do what I wanted to do in life.  After he passed away, I pulled out all my scribbles from over the years and got back to writing what I loved most - paranormal romance.”

Thus the Blackthorn series, which started life back at the end of last century, is now finally ready to share with readers for the first time— after 16 years in the making.

Connect: WebsiteTwitter | Facebook | Goodreads

Happy Reading and Buying.

P.S. Lindsay was kind enough to mention my review on her blog.
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