Suren Hakobyan's Edge of End

Edge of EndI was approached by the author to review this book when he saw I had entered a giveaway on goodreads. I jumped on the offer because the cover looked good and well there was no guarantee I would've won the giveaway.

Anyway, I found this book okay. Maybe because of the writing. The details in the actions of the characters-- I found them not good. The narration was first person and I was having a tough time reading it with the way it was written. I dunno why.

Also, the insta-love or whatever that was didn't help matters. And  I didn't like how our male lead would curse. A lot. Without any need for said cursing. It seemed too much.

As for the plot, I would have liked it more if I had felt any connection to the characters. They made me feel disconnected to the world.

I liked that the book was quick to read. I had to take a break from it though, as I felt a break from it would maybe make me feel more connected. But that didn't help. :/

Thanks to the author for providing me this copy.



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