Review: Cassie Clare's City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire (The Mortal Instruments, #6)CoHF was everything I thought it would be and it surpassed even that. But it was a much less painful ride than Cassie was trying to make it out to be before its release. And I am so glad.

I loved how the book began with the protagonists of Cassie’s upcoming spin-off trilogy The Dark Artifices. When we were finally shown the shadowhunter world through Clary and the others those were equally amazing.

I absolutely loved those moments when Emma and her parabatai were shown and her interaction with Clary and Jace and the others was just whoa. And, omg, let’s not forget Tessa and Jem and all those interactions. It was so good. So good. I was having a thrill reading the book.

All these moments were just so precious and I know much other important things happened in the book but let’s not discuss them. LOL. They were excellently handled.

I am much more excited about these mentioned appearances and freaking excited for what’s to come. Because I am hoping to see them in the upcoming series. Fingers crossed.

I can only urge you to read all of these.. TMI, TID, and what more is to come. Cassie has a way with writing amazing characters in a really well-crafted world.


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