Review: Kallie Ross's Descent

 I got this book during the RDL event but I wasn't able to review this book. Sadly, I didn't really connect with this book. The whole setting, that unnecessary love triangle, that cliche outspoken friend and that other dude sassing it out with that cliche friend. 

And well, I thought this was going to be some epic adventure but it was all just plain uninteresting and annoying for me. Didn't really capture my attention. 

The cover is what drew me in and I don't necessarily read the synopsis. I sometimes skim it and that earthquake bit seemed to make me expect something else. Not this trying too hard to make it seem cool then it really was. 

Like seriously, Ollie was stressing over without any reason over the stupidest thing(s). Like grr. And that ending. Did it have to end like that. I don't think I will be reading the sequel if it ever came out. 

Sorry I wasn't able to enjoy this book.



Thanks to the author and the publisher for this review copy.

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