REVIEW | Holly Jennings' ARENA

Arena I thought Arena was another Hunger Games'rip off when I requested it. But it so wasn't. It started out so good. And when we were introduced to the world it was sooo distinct. I loved it.

Arena follows a professional VR game team's journey as they fight their way to the top in the tournament that is happening.. Told from a female protagonist POV we see this futuriatic world where the corruption and two facedness runs deeper than our lead imagined.. She is shown as a headstrong character and I loved her fiestiness and quick wit. The other team member's were also really good as side characters.. 

This is a stand alone novel and I love that fact but I would love to see more if we do get another book.. Haha.. I would definitely recommend you guys check this one out..  
If you loved Insignia, Ready Player One and other gaming/VR based novels than you will surely like this.. 

My Rating:

Special thanks to Netgalley and Penguin Random House for this review copy.. 

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