REVIEW | Leigh Bardugo's SIX OF CROWS

Six of Crows by Leigh BardugoLeigh Bardugo brought us back to the Grisha world with this story about six criminals who band together for an impossible heist.. How it all turned out you need to read for yourself.. You won't be disappointed. This fuology can be read witbout reading the Grisha books.. Let it be known. LOL.

Her Grisha books were fab and I knew I would like the new characters and the storyline.. I would have liked Nikolai's story though lol but oh well.. I am kinda good with no Nikolai story..

The book begins with us finding about this superdrug that enhances Grisha powers.. Kaz and the rest of the gang are recruited to extract the maker of this drug to put a stop to all the misuse..
The characters kept things interesting...

Kaz, for one, I think I would like to see more of him to really like him.. Inej--I actually liked her.. Would like to see a potential relationship between these two btw.. Nina, oh how I loved her storyline.. This bring us to Matthias- I loved their story arc.. Jesper was into guns and he was funny along with Wylan.. And another potential couple in the making right here, y'guys..  I think my favorite characters were the girls definitely.. And then it was Wylan.

This book was executed perfectly. It was fast-paced, had me engaged and action-packed.. I did love the Grisha books more though.. I really like this book but for some reason didn't really love it.. But I can easily say that it was a good book.

I think I will love Crooked Kingdom, the final book in this duology as we will get to see more and find more.. Everything will be explored more.. So anticipating Book2..

My Rating:

How did you find Six of Crows? Did you love it more than the Grisha novels (if you read them)?


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