Monthly TBR #44

Posting this before the wrap up which will be up soon.

The main task is to finish the A to Z Reading Challenge.

According to Goodreads:
Time Left19 days, 22 hours
For that I need to read books with the remaining letters. So here goes from all my ARCs:

D: Disappearance of Adele Bedeau
F: The French Girl or Fierce Kingdom
I: The Immortalists or If The Creek Don't Rise
O: One Perfect Lie
U: The Upside of Falling Down or The Unhappiness Syndrome 
[the latter is nonfiction so a little wary about this choice]
V: The Vanishing Girls [not an ARC, didn't have any 'V' books.]
X: Still have to figure this one out. {Someone suggest some books. 'X' can be placed anywhere.} 
Y: Yearbook or Year of Saying Yes

It's like I have to read 8 books. Grrrr.

Wish me luck. 


P.S. Will add images later.  Images now added.

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