Review | Chloe Benjamin's THE IMMORTALISTS

This book was sad. Varya's pov was the best. It made the whole book for me. Even though I skim read quite a lot through this. 

I always have a hard time reviewing sophisticated fictional pieces as I don't think I am able to write a coherent, justifiable review for them. But i'ma  try.  

The book follows the journey of four siblings into adulthood after having found out their death dates. Their belief in that leads them to make choices that make or break their life. It showcases life in the eighties which was cool. The historical facts were interesting as well. 

The Immortalists deals with belief, familial connection or lack of, destiny, choices, and/or life on the whole. 

It showcases the power of thoughts and choices and words and how it can shape your whole life based on that. 

Also The Immortalists is pegged as Everything I Never Told You and I loved that book but I didn't connect with this novel on that level. Even though I liked it a lot

Rating: 3 stars

Special thanks to NetGalley and the Publishers for this review copy.


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