Yearly Favorites | 2017

It's that time of the year where I talk about my favorites. Other than one of these books all were 2017 releases which is awesome. Let's break it down.

 I have been quite specific about my favorites this time around.      

Because these books made me happy, they made me think. They made me giddy; gasp. They delighted me. 

In no particular order. I present my top books.  
  1. Next Year, For Sure: This book was excellent. I had a strong disposition for our female protagonist who had to make a tough choice in her relationship and then finding where the reltionship really stands. And I loved the compelling writing.  
  2. The Sun is Also a Star: This book.Nicola Yoon intelligently intertwined the lives of our charcaters and made my belief in fate or destiny more strong.  
  3. By Your Side: I appreciated the setting of this book and how this backdrop influenced our characters and made them relaize certain things. I cherished this book.
  4. ACOWAR: This was the last book for Rhys and Feyre but not the last book in the ACOTAR universe. And I am ecstatic for the new characters. We got a glimpse of them through Rhys and Feyre in this book. And I am excited. This trilogy truly evolved with each book. And the characters have grown with each book. We have kne novella to go with this duo. And I'm anticipating it.
  5. The French Girl: This comes out in Feb 2018. And I have such a strong inclination towards this book. I loved it. Look for a full review soon. This was so immersing. 
  6. Yearbook: This was one hell of a unqiue book. I surprisingly quite liked it. Review to come asap.
  7. Lord of Shadows: Rhis sequel upped the TDA trilogy for me. It made up for the first book as I really hadn't enjoyed that one whih was suh a bummer. But this book redeemed my interest in this trilogy.
  8. Haven: For those of you you who follow me on this blog must know how big if a fan I am of Lindsay and her Blaclthorn books. Haven is the first book in her new spinoff books based in the same universe but a different part ie the Lowtown. I love the fact that this was urban fantasy at her than PNR. As the romance wasn't the basis for the story. I sighed our main characters and what it did for me in roaring my live for thi universe and lIndsay.
  9. Us: This was a picture book and I fell for it. Hard. The author portrayed his life with such ease through these daily drawings. I could feel the happiness and the feelings portrayed in general.
  10. The Little Red Wolf: The cinematic take of this picture book was everything. I loved the format of this book and this take on the classic (folklore) was enigmatic.
This is it. Let me know which books made it onto your favorites!


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