Monthly Wrap-Up #46

Hiya. Haven't done one of these in soooo long. Gosh. Anyway, managed to read six books... Woot. Woot. Woot. Lol.

I managed to read Bonfire and was surprised to have actually thought it was good. I don't outright love it but I liked it. Gave it 4 stars.

Rosemarked was the other ARC I get to read. This one was a-okay. And didn't appeal to me that much. Still have to review this one. Want to give this 2 stars but currently I have rated this 3 stars. 

Any Way You Slice It was the last ARC of the month. This was a classic contemporary but I don't necessarily love those. Gave this one 3 stars. 

I also read Ms. Perkins' There's Someone Inside Your House and was delighted by its fast-pacedness. Haven't reviewed this one either but keep a lookout for it. Gave this one 3 stars.

Continued with reading Lady Midnight's sequel this past month by reading Lord of Shadows and loving it. This one redeemed my belief for this trilogy. Review for the duo coming asap. Gave this one 5 stars. 

Love and Gelato was cute and I loved it for Florence. I so want to go there now. 3 stars to this one.

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