Review | Andy Weir's ARTEMIS

Haven't read The Martian. Only saw the movie adaptation and loved it. Was so so excited to see Artemis on NetGalley and get it to embark on this journey on the moon. 

The last half if this book was more exciting for me and I started appreciating Jazz in those chapters. At first I was quite annoyed with Jazz's voice and humor. 

I didn't really like the storytelling in Artemis. It was all first person with Jazz narrating word to word. Made it more cartoonish or in your face kind of but that might be just me. And I don't think I have made such a fine job in explaining what I really mean by that. Ha! 

This wasn't a heist on the moon. This was more like outright destruction. This didn't involve any stealing so that was misleading. But this I guess had a tiniest bit of hesity features. 

I was disappointed with Artemis because it didn't thrill me with its superior heist or crime quality. It wasn't that exciting as I thought it would be. Artemis is quite cool as a place I liked how it was also divided into places with people according to their income. But I kinda don't like that either as I think being on the moon should remove that hierarchy. But alas. 

Anyway, this was ok for me. I will be reading more Weir and a movie on this muft be cooler than the book but that's it from my thoughts on this. 

Rating: 3 stars

Special thanks to NetGalley and the Publishers for this review copy. 


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