Sweet & Deadly - Cryer's Cross

Cryer's Cross
Lisa McMann
February 8, 2011
Kendall loves her life in small town Cryer's Cross, Montana, but she also longs for something more. She knows the chances of going to school in New York are small, but she's not the type to give up easily. Even though it will mean leaving Nico, the world's sweetest boyfriend, behind.

But when Cryer's Cross is rocked by unspeakable tragedy, Kendall shoves her dreams aside and focuses on just one goal: help find her missing friends. Even if it means spending time with the one boy she shouldn't get close to... the one boy who makes her question everything she feels for Nico.

Determined to help and to stay true to the boy she's always loved, Kendall keeps up the search--and stumbles upon some frightening local history. She knows she can't stop digging, but Kendall is about to find out just how far the townspeople will go to keep their secrets buried....
I am a huge fan of Lisa's Wake Trilogy. I have drafts and drafts of my thoughts on this book in my head. LOL. I just never got round to putting those thoughts to paper. Her Wake Trilogy had ghosts and so did this sweet and creepy Cryer's Cross.

Things were distraught right from the start. Tiffany Quinn was missing and the whole town was out searching for her.  I really liked Kendall and how she was with Nico. i really didn't quite catch she had problems with calling Nico her boyfriend. It was when they were standing at the road fork and looking at each other holding hands did I realize they were more than friends. I really fell for her. With her OCD- I found it really cute. Then when Jacian and Marlena come into the story line things got more sweet and creepy around town. Nico started acting weird and Kendall couldn't realize what was wrong. Things got worrisome when Nico went missing. The town police started a buddy system no body was to go without the person assigned to them. Kendall got assigned with Jacian and marlena. Jacian got accused of kidnapping Tiffany at the beginning and he was somewhat a jerk to people around him. Especially Kendall. Anyway, once soccer practice got cut off due to lack of team players as the team lost Nico and Marlena (due to a foot sprain), Kendall started practicing with Jacian. They got a little closer and things got to another level but Kendall felt like she was betraying Nico and she cancelled things out. Other than all this romance and drama, this book had a creepy edge to it with the soul-eaters. You see, Cryer's Cross was once home to a delinquent school. Bad things went down there. There was something wrong with the desk. Kendall faced some difficult situation and found out what really happened with Nico and Tiffany and herself.

All in all, a good quick read. I didn't find it bone-chilling but yeah was good. I liked how Jacian was about Kendall's OCD. And also the moments when Kendall didn't know what he was doing when she wasn't looking. He was a tender heart. I loved how he approached her about that driveway incident. I loved Kendall- found her really sweet. 

Recommended to all Lisa McMann lovers plus those who like creepy and a little romance.
Teaser Quote:
 She doesn’t see Jacián slump in his seat. Doesn’t see him close his eyes and shake his head, doesn’t hear the curse under his breath.
My Rating:
Book read for the 2012 Ghostly Challenge.

What did you think of  Cryer's cross?
Happy Reading.
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