What to expect!?!!!?

Okay, so I have been MIA again. I have been devouring The Soul Screamer series by Rachel Vincent. It is so addicting you can't imagine. I will be posting a full review on the full series, soon. I have New Adult Challenge Sign-Up to do as well.---

I started The Soul Screamer books after I was done with The Clockwork Prince or was that before I had read Die For Me amd Cryer's Cross. :/ Anyway, loved Clockwork Prince as well.---I am also planning to sign up for the stand-alone reading challenge.

Well, anyway, I dunno what I am gonna read next. I still have to pick up Zed Order. I so want to read one of the new releases. Anyway, you will know whatever I am reading. The Hobbit has been released. Have yet to go see it. *sighs* Well, I will take off. 

Happy Reading. 

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