Fallen For 'The Fallen Legacies' Going Too Far!

Pittacus Lore got into our lives with his fantastic "Lorien Legacies" in 2010. Whereas I got aware of him after his first book in the series got made into a movie in 2011. I loved the film.

So, the third book is coming on August 7- I am anticipating it's release. The first book followed John Smith's journey, how his Cepan died, how he met Six, the love of his life and all that. The second had them running as fugitives, Nine was rescued by John  and Sam, Six met Number Seven.

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Now, Pittacus then decided to release these short stories and called them The Lost Files.

In these Lost Files he showed us the journey's of Six, Nine and in the third Lost File a Morgadorian's POV on the first three killings of Number One, Two and Three.

I have read The Lost File 2: Six's Legacy and The Lost Files 1: The Fallen Legacies.

Source: Goodreads
I loved them both.  The Fallen Legacies was from a Morgadorian General's son Adamus/Adam's POV. Adam at the start was proud to be a Morgadorian but later his beliefs got shattered when he visited One's memories and saw her get killed. It was so sweet what Adam felt for One (she was in her head) The book is a short story to be read in one sitting. I love how Pittacus writes- drawing the reader right in. The killings of One, Two and Three were shown from Adam's POV which was cool. I don't mean the killings were cool. I would like to find out what happens next seriously as the ending was a huge cliff-hanger. I want to know what happened to Adam when he got caught helping the Garde.

Six's Legacy showed Six's relationship with her Cepàn and how she got tough and discovered her legacies when they got kidnapped. It was an awesome read just like it's predecessors.

I also read Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols. I had loved Jennifer's Love Story and Forget, You but this one was a bit too mature-ish for me. I don't mean in terms of the openness just oh I don't know how to say it. It just was in some way. Our protagonist is reckless in Going Too Far. She has Blue (according to John they are Cyan, Indigo and Violet) hair. Yeah, I know. Awesome. But she still thinks herself weird which shows her lack of confidence although she
doesn't let people get a hint with the recklessness. She is reckless why? We find the answer to that later on when she is on her punishment. She had suffered from Cancer and recovered and just to out-do the doctors and everyone she has become how she is taking too many risks and thinking her life is about to end.

She has a stained relationship with her father due to this and she does random amd risky things that let her parents know she has not yet recovered. Her recovery results after hanging out with John who is a nineteen year cop. (wow) He has attachement to this certain bridge that is the surrounding part of this story. When Meg wanted to find out why he was so attached and serious about the bridge he doesn't tell her that her brother was the one that had died. She also didn't know that the reason he is attached to her is not cause she reminds him of his brother's girfriend cause of eyes it is because he has feelings for her.

The book has art pieces or sketch works in it which was cool. It was a good book in all. Oooh, I just lovee the book cover, like seriously. Ah! John is hot!

I will post Shatter Me's review soon as I loved it.

And I am two down on my Paranormal vs Vampire Challenge. Yay me. I have started Bitter Frost for that challenge now.

Have you read these books? Did you like 'em, too? What are you reading nowadays?

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