An Alluring 'Girl of Nightmares'

I loved this follow-up. It was awesome. I did a mini review on goodreads. You can check that out.

Now, this book followed Cas's story while still staying in this particular town longer than he has ever stayed in a place. Anna's loss is felt by him daily so much so he starts seeing her. First, he thinks he is hallucinating but later realizes that she is really visiting him. Cas's love for Anna is so OTT. *gushes* It is one of those romantic character's that you want to read about. Understanding the meaning of love by watching Cas's character was beyond imagination. And trying to reach that infinity of imagination made me fall in love with both of them. He finds many things about his Athame that leave him astounded. He finds Gideon and his father was in an order of the sort. A new girl was introduced in the book and at times it seemed like Cas and Jestine made a connection :-/ She seemed nice but I still Anna more. I adore Anna. 

Anyway, he was adamant of the fact to rescue her from wherever Anna was. He also had a face-to-face with the Obeahman (he is so ugly, ew). Other than this, Carmel and Thomas had a romanntic standout, which was cute. Carmel's outbursts were so fricking awesome- loved her in those instances. This book was an awesome follow-up with a very sweet ending. Cas realized what was best for Anna and let her go. The book sure seemed like a finale to the series. I couldn't really find any news if there is another book in the series or not. Will keep checking for news. Another book can come out but I don't think it will serve the purpose of the series being about Anna. 

Cas had friends that he never had and on his wild quest to bring Anna back they were with him all times– Cas would think they were only there with him out of novelty– which showed Cas as vulnerable and sweet. 

Although, Anna's and Cas's time together wasn't that much (which is a bummer) but whatever times they did have were sufficient( I shouldn't be so greedy :p) Plus, there wasn't much ghost-hunting/ghost-killing this time. Only a couple or so. Hmmm.

Some blurbs/excerpts I found really nice. I'm gonna post some quotes that are available on goodreads that I liked. 
"She crossed over death to call me. I crossed through Hell to find her"
Ha! Carmel in her awesome mood. 
“Chef?" Carmel exclaims. "I could give a shit about a chef. I'm going to find the most expensive thing in that kitchen, eat one bite, and throw the rest on the floor. Then I'm going to break some plates.” 
I loved this moment.
"Anna," I say. She turns back to me, but her eyes are wide and conflicted. I smile, and let one of her hands go to slide my fingers into her hair. "I have to go." 

This sequel will keep you flipping the pages and keep reading far into the night. This book had its chilly and moving moments. I loved everything about it.

Have you read this book already? If you haven't read the first book yet I'd suggest you quickly remedy that. :p They are good books.

My thoughts on Anna Dressed In Blood can be found here.

Happy Reading.

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