Weekend Fave(s) #1

In this feature, I will pick my favorite from the books I read over the weekend. They can be from as many books I have been able to read over the weekend.

I only read two books this weekend– If I Stay and it's sequel Where She Went by Gayle Foreman.
I dunno which book was my fave from the two. As I loved both the books equally. But I think I know which book's the winner. <_<

The first was liked by me partly because it reminded me of the movie The Invisible based on a famous Swedish book. In that book/movie the guy had the same experience as Mia did in the first book in this series. The other reason for my liking the book would be the fact that Gayle has written these books wonderfully. The switch from present to past is not new but the connection that was shown to us by Mia's recollections was heartbreaking. Mia tells us her experience in the first book.

In the sequel, Where She Went, Adam (Mia's Ex) is our story-teller. Their relationship is just so sweet. This book was equally breathtaking and heartwarming as the first. I loved the confrontation. Ah! Sometimes, I would cry out in frustration or my breath would catch. The book will move you close to tears. I will admit I didn't cry though. ^_^

The titles of the books are so amazing. They are perfect. 

So, out of these two, I think Where She Went wins the title of  my 'Weekend Fave' as it explored their relationship more.

These books are recommended for everyone who love romance, relationships, family– this is for you. These books aren't your typical romance books. They are so much more than that.

Happy Reading.
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