Ensnaring "Destroy Me"

Destroy Me 
(Shatter Me #1.5)

I really liked reading Shatter Me back in August this year. I didn't really like this Warner character during Shatter Me but after reading this, I do like him a little. 

What drew me to the book?

Being the in-between book to the sequel, I had to know what happened after Juliette and Adam fled. Also, the cover is freaking awesome. And the tagline. Don't get me started on that. It is just so domineering- it's awesome.

This book was told solely from Warner's POV. It was good to know why he felt what he felt for Juliette. His demanding father and his relationship with his subordinates especially Delalieu. Warner was shown as this cold-hearted guy in Shatter Me but in Destroy Me we find his vulnerable side. Something is definitely  happening to him. The book ending on a huge question in my mind. Read it to find out. I am all prepped up for Unravel Me. There was a preview given at the end but I didn't read it. I want to read it only after it's released. 

I really like this moment from the book.

This girl is destroying me.
A girl who has spent the last year in an insane asylum. A girl who would try to shoot me dead for kissing her. A girl who ran off with another man just to get away from me.
Of course This is the girl I would fall for.
I close a hand over my mouth.
I am losing my mind.
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Did you read this book? How'd you find it?
Happy Reading.

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