Hey. I am not feeling well, you guys. Have the flu. My head feels heavy. My body is darn tired but I still cooked today ehhehe. Which is good as I hardly cook LOL.Anyway, I started reading Under The Never Sky. I had started in September but had it on hold temporarily. Plus I have started the sequel to Anew titled Awry. Also, I am reading Blue Moon. I don't post my reviews that much  that is because I don't how to pin all my thoughts in a synchronized manner. :(

Anyway, I made a new banner for the blog, changed the outlook again. :p Thanks to thecutestblogontheblock for the tutorials. I made a grab button as well. eheheh. Happy about that. About the banner, as it is October - that means Halloween, so I used a creepy font for that. :p Thanks to kevinandamandafonts and Font Panda and Font Squirrel for fonts. I watched The Debt last night. It was a good film, you guys. If you haven't seen it I say that you do. :p

I gotta go. I wanted to ramble a lot. But I'm outta words. :(

Happy Reading.
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