Weekend Fave(s) #7

I only read Awry The Archers of Avalon Book 2 by Chelsea Fine and three short stories from The Fierce Reads Anthology. It features Glitch by Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo's The Witch of Duva, Legacy Lost by Anna Banks, Dress Your Marines in White by Emma Laybourne and Prophet by Jennifer Bosworth.

If you saw my Monthly Fave(s) post, I mentioned Anew. Awry is the sequel to that. I liked this one more than that. As more insight was given into the characters, the past was revealed and all that. Tristan is my fave dude in this series. I didn't like the ending that much, hmm, but the next book will surely be more interesting now. 

Glitch was an interesting read. This is, you can say the prequel to Cinder, Book 1 in The Lunar Chronicles. I haven't read Cinder yet it was already on my TBR. But after reading Glitch my interest for the series is piqued, a lot. Cinder is a Cinderella type story but our lead is an android, which is just so cool.

The Witch of Duva was just weird creepy. It is told in the world of Shadow and Bone, Book 1 in The Grisha Series. I have yet to read Shadow and Bone but I have read good reviews about it so I will be following this series.

Prophet was okay. I didn't like it that much. This was the prequel to Struck, Book 1 in The Struck Series. I like the cover and the preview given seemed good so I will be reading it. 

So, now which gets the title of Weekend Fave? I dunno honestly. I think Glitch should get the title. :p

Happy Reading.

Update: I forgot to mention I also read Cabel's Story from Wake (Dream Catcher Series) by Lisa McMann, Walking Disaster's Prologue by Jamie Maguire and Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide by Michelle Rowan and Richelle Mead. They were fine reads.
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