Weekend Fave(s) #9

I totally forgot about posting this post yesterday. LOL. If you follow me on twitter or a friend on goodreads, you must have seen me reading very many books nowadays. Which also means I only finished a single book. I just finished reading Witch Eyes by Tracey Scott which was just awesome. The book I read over the weekend was Through To You by Emily Hainsworth. 

The story explores Camden and his coping with his girlfriend, Viv's death. She died in a car accident. Camden can't accept that he is alone now. She had helped him out when he had a football injury. Now that Viv has died, he is losing it. He goes to therapy lessons, doesn't hang out with his bestie anymore. And to make matters worse, he is seeing ghosts now, but not of his dead girlfreind- but someone who knows him, Nina. He shakes it off when the next thing he knows she soughts him out. And that's when he finds out- there is a parallel universe of some kind. In that world, things are different then they are in his world. He finds his love again and then finds the real truth about everything. 
I liked the book. The whole parallel world thingy is not new but the way this book had it going was kinda cool. I liked Nina. I like the book cover. When you look from far way it looks like a house along a lake side :p It's actually a girl looking into the lake surrounded by trees. The lake should have been a hint for readers to know a parallel universe is involved. 

Now, as this was the only book I read I don't think it justifies winning the title. So, again no weekend fave this week.

What book/books did you read over the weekend? Lemme know.
Happy Reading.
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