Review: Alyssa Rose Ivy's SAVOR

Savor by Alyssa Rose Ivy I liked this for Vera and Jared. The last book (Stay) was with four POVs and it introduced us to Vera and Jared. This time it was solely Jared and Vera narrating the story. I had really wanted a story just for them and I really liked how they were here.

The main problem for me is even though I enjoyed it, I still am getting bored with the story-- this series probably. I dunno if I am not into shifters any more (I guess I never was into shifters) but the whole story-line is-- I am starting to get uninterested. I guess. I am hoping the next book is the last book. Sort of. *shrugs*

I liked the book don't get me wrong, Jared and Vera were funny. LOL.

I love this series for being quick reads. Also, new adult genre can be a hit and miss for me. And in this case, I guess it is more closer to being a miss. It is only just me. It can totally be a hit for other readers.

So, things ended at a dire note, so dreading the next book's contents. Loving the title for the next book, 'Storm'.

"You do." I put a hand on my hip. I didn't have time for Jared's games.
"How do you know?"
"I just do."
"You're are infuriating."
I groaned. "And what are you?"

Special thanks to the author and InkSlinger PR for this review copy.
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