Review: Nikolas Lee's THE IRON JAWED BOY

The Iron-Jawed Boy by Nikolas LeeThe only way I can describe this book is by mentioning Percy Jackson and Hogwarts.

I was approached by the author to review this book earlier this year or was it last year. Don't really remember. It was earlier this year most probably. I am finally sitting down to write this review. "/

Now this is a trilogy and even though I liked this first book I still couldn't really connect with Ionikus, our narrator and The Iron Jawed Boy. *winks* So, the problem was with how Ion would react and I don't know I guess I didn't really like the writing. Cos I got bored and I really took my time with it. I definitely wanted to read it and it had good pacing but I got lost and had an up and down reading experience with it in terms of the storyline and the characters and the dialogue delivery.

I got interested when the academy portion began but then Ion would really annoy me. And I don't know I just-- I was not interested and wanted to finish reading the book as I took like 4 months to finish this book. I would stop reading it and well, grr.. Like I had problems with one of the teacher's speaking mannerism. Like the use of italics really got to me. :/

Also, I was reminded of Dobby and/or the elves form HP due to a certain God's behavior. It was certainly funny though. LOL. And Othum (that certain God, LOL) was dramatically funny sometimes. Only sometimes. He sure wasn't in the beginning. xP

It had the perfect ingredients of a good gripping book but if only I had been able to connect with it. I loved the whole jaw business but well, it got lost in the pantheon world. Teheh.


I would like to thank the author for this review copy. 
About the book:
Year 2300
Protea: Capitol of the Eldanarian Isle

Two hundred years have passed since the lands of the Outerworld humans were destroyed, save but a handful of rebellious cities. In their ruin, the last gods of Earth, the Illyrians, rose victorious. And ever since, it's with a cruel iron fist they've ruled over their subjects--desperate to keep their thrones.

Fast approaching his teens, Ionikus Reaves knows the gods' malevolence all too well, orphaned by them after their call for a military draft on Eldanar, his home island. But when a power once dormant in Ion boils to the surface, he's whisked off to a hidden world of the island, where he comes face-to-face with the mighty Illyrians.

For Ion is a Guardian--a reincarnated god bound to serve and protect the pantheon he's so quickly learned to hate. Now torn between his obligations as a Guardian and his hatred of the gods he's to guard, Ion finds himself in the middle of a war within himself. A war that could uncover a dark secret of the gods'...and split the pantheon in two.
That's it then.. 
More soon. 
Happy Reading.
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