Book Haul 5

Really happy about this haul. I have finally got the third book A Storm of Swords. And have started reading it already. But trying not to read as I have other priority reads at the mo'. Also, excited to delve into The Night Circus but I am thinking of waiting as I want to read it for the Birthstones Color Parade Challenge. 

I have the latest edition of Paper Towns, yayyy. I had this one on hold back in the day. I have been meaning to read Nineteen Eighty-Four really bad and after hearing that a movie is being made titled 'Equals' I wanted to read this. While there I got Animal Farm as well. 


I had to get Control for that goodreads group We Want Control-Readalong started by the infamous Booktubers. As for The Unbound, Ignite Me and Cress- well, duh, I couldn't resist.


I have already finished Ignite Me. And I loved it. A review will be up shortly. I dunno what I will be reading next- like which book will be getting my full attention. 

Happy Hauling.
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