Weekend (Reads) Update

I didn't get to finish any book over the book. I continued reading The Book Thief. I had started this one on the 10th. I have been reading a few books in between. As of last night I had only read 264 pages. I read a few pages today.

My thoughts so far:
Loving how Liesel is with all the books. When she first saw the library- i am just like that. I love how she has devoured the small pile of books she has a couple a times. Max has arrived on the scene and I am loving the little interactions or the scenes they have had together. I want to see the movie soo bad now. I am reading the book because its about time i should y'know. Once I read it, the letter 'Z' for the 2014 A-Z challenge will be handled. I loved that story Max wrote for Liesel, The Stand-over Man. I have nothing else to say except I am enjoying it. Death narrating the story is new for me but I have read many books where Death has been the love interest so... And I saw the last page where Death was all like 'I am haunted by humans.' I have an understanding he will show himself to Leisel or dunno, so looking forward to it. :o

I want to be done with it by the weekend so I can focus fully on A Storm of Swords. Also, I need to read Cress and The Diviners. I have a feeling I won't be able to read them this month. Grrr.

My sister is reading Vicious by Schwab and she has been crazy over the book and I think I will cave in read it, too. So, I dunno. Let's see.

What did you guys get to read over the weekend??

Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Reading.
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